The Pros Of Having A Fish Tank.

It may be surprising that the fish is the third most popular pet after dogs and cats. According to the National Pet Owners Survey 2017-18, 68% of American families own a pet. A study conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) revealed that 12.5 million American families have freshwater fish and 2.5 million saltwater fish.
Freshwater fish represent the highest percentage of domestic animals. There are more than 139.3 million freshwater fish compared to 94.2 million cats and 89.7 million dogs.
What are the benefits of a domestic fish?

  1. Economic
    Owning an aquarium with fish is not expensive. Fish are cheap creatures. The most popular fish, such as betta or goldfish, costs only a few dollars. The aquarium is the most expensive thing to buy when installing an aquarium. For those who are unwilling to make big investments for a pet, a domestic fish is very helpful.
  2. They are calm
    Although our beloved dogs and cats are the most popular pets, they can make a lot of noise.
    This noise can occur in the most unfavorable moments.
    Unlike other pets, the fish are completely silent. Never a problem.
    So, if you have a young family, they might be the perfect pet for you.
    When we are dealing with young families, that brings us to the next reason to keep the fish …
  3. The aquariums are in the same place.
    Once you have created an aquarium, you no longer have to worry about the aquarium or the movement of the fish. Unlike other pets, the fish stay in the aquarium while you keep them there. Now some fish can jump, but as long as your aquarium has a cap, you do not have to worry about it. Dogs or cats move a lot and you have to clean everywhere. When it comes to fishing, you focus only on the aquarium and that’s fine.
  4. They do not require a lot of maintenance.
    You do not need to buy expensive gadgets to entertain your fish. They do not need to be managed or entertained. In fact, most of us speak for us.
    They are very independent and are not afraid when we leave them.
    It also means that it is usually very easy to find someone to take care of you on vacation.
    This will take time in terms of maintenance and maintenance of the aquarium. You need two feeding periods of 5 minutes a day. You should also allow half an hour per week to change 10-15% of the water and do all the cleaning (seaweed and gravel).
  5. learning opportunities for children.
    Keeping fish is a fantastic learning experience for kids.
    When they learn how to take care of a small animal, they can learn to be responsible and how important it is to take care of everything on our planet, no matter how small.
    Your children gain valuable skills through nutrition, fish care, and aquarium care. Although fish care is not as long as dogs and cats, it’s a good time for children to get involved and stay interested.
    The fish can quickly become a part of your family. Some fish also interact with you and are very players.
    There is also the inevitable death of a fish, and since death is an integral part of life, it is a useful way to teach your children to die and to face them.
  6. Health benefits
    Reduce stress
    Studies conducted in the 1980s showed that aquariums help reduce the patient’s anxiety level by up to 12%.
    This may be because in our life we depend so much on the water that we are comforted automatically and instinctively as we approach the water.
    Lower blood pressure and heart rate
    Seeing fish in your aquarium or aquarium can help you calm down and reduce stress.
    Alzheimer’s disease
    Another study conducted in the 1990s found that people with Alzheimer’s disease are less disturbed and have more desire to expose themselves to colorful aquariums.
    This study encouraged the use of aquariums in retirement homes around the world.