7 Steps to Keep Your Horse Happy

The luck of your horse is very important. Horses can not communicate and some wonder: “How do you know what makes a horse happy?” You may have the same question about human children who can not communicate and assume that all information on this subject is complete or that they can read and learn from experience and observation. We will ignore the obvious points, such as adequate nutrition, the abundance of fresh drinking water, slow diet change, daily exercise, care and hygiene for veterinarians and farmers, and focus on the least. Of course, a horse owner must do something to make his horse happy.

  1. Make sure the barn is the right size
    Horses of different sizes require larger or smaller stables. The stable must be large enough to comfortably accommodate your horse and make you feel at home. Here are some of the basic size requirements for horses of different sizes: [14]
    The horses of about 1000 pounds should have a position of 12’x12 ‘.
    Small draft horses need a 14 ‘x 14’ fence.
    A big pulling horse will feel comfortable in a position of 16’x16 ‘.
  2. Horses love the routine
    Not only do horses love routine, but they also grow. With a regular routine, horses feel safe, well and under control. Creating a regular routine for your horse is one of the best ways to make him happy. Horses thrive if they have the routine and help your horse lead a happier and healthier life. Naturally, all horses have different personalities, and if you determine what makes you happy all day, you can incorporate more into your daily life.
  3. Visit your horse regularly
    Regularly checking your horse can be an easy way to keep you happy. Regular visits can also help strengthen your bond. If your horse is in the stable for a long time, you should visit it regularly during the day.
    Prepare your horse every day.
    Stop and scrape your horse or rub your belly.
    You may want to give your horse extra treatment from time to time.
  4. Other stable horses nearby
    Ideally, you would like to have other horses in the stables nearby. When horses enjoy the company of others, your horse may feel at home in the stable if you keep them nearby. Whenever possible, try to meet the social needs of your horse in the stable.
    Try to keep the horse close to the horses you know.
    Do not separate your horse from other horses that are generally close.
    The horses look happy in groups of four or ten.
  5. Relaxation time
    After the trip, a show or a racing season, a horse can not wait to stop. In the way, they need to relax and after a stressful time, they look a lot like people. Return to your routine upon your return home, but stay away from the hustle and bustle of your barn or routine. Quiet driving at your side and time alone is what your horse needs after a lot of action off.
  6. Show toys
    Horses become bored very quickly, so it is important that they have stimuli during the week to keep the mind and body active. Providing toys to your horse can be an effective way to enjoy your time outdoors. There are many horse toys to stimulate their coordination, concentration, and interest. You can buy everything from big inflatable balls to catchy toys.
  7. Use the radio
    Some days it can be difficult to spend enough time with your horse. If you can not spend enough time with your horse, you should leave the radio in the stable. The sounds, voices, and songs played on the radio make the horse happy because they give the impression of not being alone.