6 Secrets To Keep Your Cat Happy Indoor

It is a myth that going out is a prerequisite for the happiness of cats. By regularly playing with a cat and providing your fun toys, you can easily satisfy your research, stimulate them and provide them with the exercises they need to stay healthy and happy. It also protects the local wildlife!
With the cold prevailing on us, here are some tips to make the interior an interesting environment and adapted to cats that meet all the needs of your cat.

  1. room with a view
    Whatever the size of the house, your inner cat will know everything about its appearance and sound in a few days. Provide visual stimulation by placing a bird feeder with a cat-sized projection in front of a window for easy viewing.
    Remember, however, that the worldview does not always work for your cat. If your garden attracts other cats nearby, your cat may be frustrated by the sight (this can even lead to attacks on the residents of the house!). The problem can be solved by keeping the cats out of your garden or outside the sprinklers. Otherwise, you may need to open some of your chat windows.
    If a window does not work, try a TV. Some companies offer DVDs for cats. Pop and entertain the cat with a lively mix of images and sounds that are well meaning for cats, including birds and rodents.
  2. Playing time
    Play with your cat every day. Try different types of toys that allow your cat to hunt, hunt, attack and kick. When singing your cat, stay away from toys that may damage them (rope toys, for example). If you can not be there for surveillance, leave the “toys” like paper bags (without straps) or cardboard boxes. Make sure to change the toy from time to time to make it look “new” and more interesting for your cat.
  3. leave your face
    Of course, one of the best things you can do for your domestic cat is to spend time with him. Play, groom, caress or simply go out: everything is fine. Your cat loves you and likes to spend time with you.
    Keeping a cat at home is one of the best ways to ensure a long and healthy life, but it will not be a very happy life unless you add a plot to the environment. It does not take much time or effort, so keep going. Your cat will thank you!
  4. Think vertically
    Cats love to climb, so give them a chance. High-ceilinged cat trees, wrapped in sisal ropes and stakes with platforms hung on the wall, allow your cat to observe the rest of the world. This is especially nice when the dogs are at home. Which cat does not want to see the dog?
  5. Tree Company
    Buy a list of scratch posts (often called “Kitty Condo”) or create your own. A scratch post can be short or floor-to-ceiling. It offers great climbing opportunities and creates more recreational areas in families with multiple cats, taking advantage of the vertical space. If you can, look for the cat tree near a window so that your cat can watch the outdoors.
  6. Go green
    Cats like to eat plants. Each reference book for cats contains a list of plants that should not be in a pet-friendly home. You can also visit the Poison Control Center for information on dangerous plants.
    After removing insects from the road, protect your ornamental plants by suspending them or keeping them out of reach. Dig the cats in their decorative vases and lay a layer of small rough stones on the floor. It is, therefore, possible to add a number of inexpensive plants (such as grass shoots) to rub them.