6 Pit Bull Facts Every Dog Lover Should Know

Below you will find basic race information for anyone interested in buying a Pit Bull. And for those who already have one or more and want to know more about the breed, or just for those who want to understand these big dogs, read on.
This page examines the main features of pit bull dogs, including the potential for aggression in dogs. You’ll learn here that while the Pit Bulls are great family members, they need smart, responsible, dedicated responsibility in the right hands and in the life situation. Unfortunately, many people take these dogs for the wrong reasons or have little understanding of the inherent characteristics of this breed. It is unfortunate that one of APBT’s original goals has been dog-to-dog combat (and still is for many), but it is a fact that can not be denied or ignored. It is very important that every potential owner of Pit Bull understands the selective breeding of these dogs and the characteristics of this wonderful breed.

  1. Pitbulls come from England
    The pit bulls, as we know them, probably originate from the old English dog Bull Dog, used in England in the 19th century for sport (“Bull Bait”). After the bull baits were considered inhumane, Olde English Bull Dogs were crossed with burrows to create smaller dogs with fewer resources to fight.
    But when these sport dogs left England for the United States, they took on many tasks and became true American icons.
  2. Pit bulls can climb walls over 12 meters high
    The Pitbulls, among other incredible physical features, are also fantastic mountaineers. Their incredible strength and agility allow them to climb walls that other dogs would not dare to cross. Ambitious pit bulls can prove their strength in local climbing events, but beware, the competition is tough! Antara de Comalcalco is the great champion climbing the vertical wall of Mexico and has won numerous awards and accolades for her three-foot climb that broke all records.
  3. A pit bull that is aggressive towards other dogs is also aggressive towards humans
    Reality: Dog aggression and human aggression are two characteristics and should not be confused. Unless a pit bull has been trained to attack humans, he likes people in general. In fact, I am one of the most loving, faithful, kind and devoted companions you can have.
  4. Properties
    The Pitbulls have excellent physical and mental qualities that make them great partners for responsible, active and supportive owners. On the other hand, these exceptional qualities can be embarrassing for people who have little experience in dog ownership or who do not understand race.
  5. Education
    Fortunately, pit bulls are very receptive to training and eager to please them. It is therefore strongly recommended to take them with you for obedience classes once they are up to date with vaccination. (Pitbulls are subject to bickering and nonsense, so it’s important that they get all the shots before contacting other dogs or visiting other dogs’ places.) A brave pit bull and obedient will be a great ambassador of the breed. help fight against prejudices and misunderstandings.
    The Pitbulls are very adaptable and do well in urban life as long as you have enough physical activity or other positive options for their energy. Many pit bulls are armchairs, but they can also be smart enough to grow. In this race, maturity can arrive quite late (in some cases, 2 or 3 years). The Pitbulls are still players and have a great sense of humor, it will make you laugh like no other.
  6. Pit bulls work on search and rescue
    The Pitbulls have the strongest work ethic of all dog breeds, probably because of their determination to please their loved ones. These sports animals are excellent partners in the field. It thrives in action and can work in harsh conditions and under extreme stress conditions. There is no doubt that these dogs are really man’s best friends and risk their lives to save our lives.