6 Fun Facts About Black Stallion Horses

Horses are wonderful creatures and thousands of fans love to ride or show them every year.
The Black Stallion has made many people fall for the idea of having a horse. The story of the film is about a boy named Alec, who was shipwrecked on a desert island. Alec’s only companion is an Arab stallion. Here is some information about the famous stallion who has won so many hearts over the years.
To celebrate our love of black stallions, here are 6 facts you may not know:

  • 6- Four horses were used to represent the stallion during the film.
    Throughout the film, two stallions were mostly black. Their names were Cass Ole and Fae Jur. Case Ole was an Arab high stallion in Texas and Fae Jur was his double, for lack of a better term. Cass Ole appears more often in the film, despite the fact that he has a star on his forehead and white legs that must be painted black for each shot.
    A black stallion (or any other color) is a horse that can adapt to many situations, but each has its strength. Some may study all the time and others may be relaxed and never behave in this way. However, it is important to know that a stallion can always reproduce.
  • 5- All breeds have stallions.
    Mature males of each breed are called stallions. They must follow the phenotype and confirmation of their race to qualify. Stallions are not just blacks. They can be of any legal color available for registration in their offer.
  • 4- Stallions follow a hierarchical system.
    Also on the board, the four stallions playing in black fell into a hierarchical system in which one of the leaders would have been. This is because horses are a “beast of burden”. Each flock will have a dominant male horse and a dominant female. It is the mare, the female, that determines when a flock travels and the work of the stallion is to ensure that all latecomers can follow the desired movement.
  • 3- Stallions need regular exercise.
    Everything that worked and played on the Black Stallion’s board was healthy for the horses. It is also healthy for any other stallion you own. A stallion kept in a stable for a long time is a horse that probably grows, has reduced fertility and becomes aggressive because of its accumulated energy.
    This data on the black stallion is related to the facts of the film because the film was such an authentic experience. Knowing these facts makes it easier to understand what these horses want and how they respect them.
  • 2- Stallions are intrinsically aggressive towards those they do not know.
    When two stallions cross each other and do not cohabit regularly, aggressive and even violent behavior often occurs. Stallions may kick, throw themselves on the neck, chest or bite, or even try to escape. For this reason, The Primary Horse and his regular life partner were mainly used to film The Black Stallion. This eliminated much of the aggression on the set.
  • 1- Stallions, despite general beliefs, usually do not have a harem.
    This belief system is probably due to one of the popular management styles of stallions on national properties. Stallions remain isolated as a management method or can run freely with mares to form a replica of a wild flock. For The Black Stallion, the producers kept the horses in the so-called single pack management model, so their behavior was still authentic, but without competition for the right to cover.
    The fact is that some stallions can be put together in individual packages almost all their lives. Although the breeding season is well regulated from April to July, horses can live, play and work together very well.