5 Ways to Make Your Fish Happy

Many people think that fish is one of the easiest to look after, but fish lovers know that you have to spend a lot of time and energy to ensure their happiness and good health. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee and sometimes the fish dies unexpectedly. However, you can take some steps to increase the likelihood that your fish will last longer.
Remember that different species of fish need different things. Always consult your pet store before buying to make sure you know the best ways to keep them healthy.
Here are some general tips you can use as a guide.

  1. Do this for more decorations
    It is common to catch fish in an aquarium for decorative purposes and not as a pet. A larger aquarium, such as a remarkable or a smaller one that is suitable for the living room, is usually an important consideration. Whatever the reason, the importance of a large fishing room cannot be overstated. Fish need enough freedom of movement and water to meet their oxygen needs.
    When selecting the container size, consider the number of fish and their size at the time of maturation. Do not calculate the size of your aquarium when your fish are young, as many can grow and need more space. It is recommended to have several liters of water for a single fish. This amount of water covers the oxygen requirements, but checks to see if it is sufficient.
  2. Make sure your fish fits
    Like most animals, fish have the adaptability to specific environments. The first step will involve a lot of research on the type of fish you buy. The information must come from a trusted source on the Internet or an expert from the pet shop. Important information includes, among others, the pH of the water adapted to the fish, the temperature and the type of food with which they are fed.
    If the owner understands the type of fish, he can determine if the fish species can coexist with other people or if he feels comfortable alone. The most aggressive fish must stay in their pools to avoid fist fights.
  3. Make sure there is enough room in the aquarium
    Space is very important because many fish species can thrive only if they have enough space to swim and explore their environment. It can often be stressful to keep the fish in an aquarium too small. Remember that fish live in the wild in open water. Therefore, it is important that you try to reproduce your natural environment as much as possible on a small scale, taking into account budget and space constraints.
  4. Create a natural environment
    Restoring the natural habitat of fish is a way to make you happy. The fish can be salty or sweet. For a freshwater fish, pebbles are added to the aquarium and a movement of water is introduced to create the sensation of a river. On the other side, adding some sand to saltwater aquariums to mimic the environment of an ocean.
    Substrates can be purchased or come naturally from the environment. Other functions, such as B. hiding blocks, are also needed. The fish are usually shy and want some coverage when someone is very close to the aquarium. The fish also need time for me!
  5. good foods for a fish
    Natural food sources should be sufficient to meet the needs of fish and shrimp in a well-stocked dam. Growth rates are expected to increase as additional foods are donated.
    Small dams, ponds, and pools will probably require more electricity.
    Commercial foods are cheap only if purchased in bulk. Use them quickly or the nutrients inside will get worse.
    Most small producers prepare their own food or try to use chicken or beef pellets as a dietary supplement.
    Specific ingredients must meet the needs of the crop species.
    Whatever type of supplement you use, feed the fish only moderately to meet the desired changes.
    Do not overfish your fish because uneaten food contaminates the water.