16 facts about spiders you need to know

The spiders are probably the least popular disease. In fact, about 60% of people suffer from spider hostility, it is the fear of spiders. But they are fascinating creatures. Our team has compiled 16 interesting facts that you probably did not know about spiders:

1. There are about 40,000 known spider species.

2. The poison of the Australian funnel can kill a person in less than an hour, and his prey can bite a shoe.

3. But for most people, the fear of spiders is a bigger problem than the spiders themselves. Researchers at the University of São Paulo have found an unlikely way to repair arachnophobia by asking patients to look at images of spider-like objects: a tripod, a carousel, a person with dreadlocks.

4. and there is an advantage for spider bites. Take the nomadic Brazilian spider Phoneutria nigriventer, whose venom causes painful erections on the penis that last a few hours (that’s the bad news).

5. The venom of Grammostola spatulata tarantula from South America could be used to treat atrial fibrillation. It contains a peptide that can relieve an irregular heart rhythm caused by stress.

6. First, getting the poison is the worst problem. Spider Pharm’s staff in Yarnell, Arizona, “order” up to 1,000 spiders a day.

7. The insects are anesthetized with carbon dioxide and then discharged with electricity, releasing the poison into small glass capillaries attached to the prey.

8. spiders have blue blood. In your body oxygen binds to hemocyanin (instead of hemoglobin as in humans). Hemocyanin contains copper instead of iron.

9. All spiders do not weave fabrics but those that have claws at the end of each leg. With these claws, they move the wire so they do not get into the sticky part of the net.

10. Some species of salticidae (jumping spiders) can see in the spirits that humans can not see. Some could see UVA and UVB rays.

11.Spiders have no antennae that separate them from insects.

12. When a spider moves, it always has four legs on the ground and four legs in the air.

13.spiders have strange muscles
To be honest, the way a spider’s muscles work is pretty intriguing. Your muscles can only push your legs inward, but you can not stretch them again. To solve this problem, the spiders pump fluid into the legs to ward off it.
Therefore, your legs will roll each time you see a dead spider because no fluid will be dispensed to pull them back.

14.male spiders love to make presents
Some types of spiders love to equip their potential partners with a dance, but also want to offer their loved ones a gift in silk, so they get a good idea of a commitment.
Sometimes these men are pretty smart and a bit cheap. Instead of offering gifts such as flies and other insects, they offer economic counterfeits, such as leaves or old gifts that have failed other women.

15. The silk of the spider is strong.
Yes, you read that right, spider silk is actually very durable. It may seem weak and fragile, but that’s only because of its thinness.
The silk of a spider web is actually five times stronger than steel wire of the same thickness. It is also believed that a cobweb of thick wires like a pencil can stop an airplane in flight!

16. spiders have blue blood
Unlike us, the spiders have blue blood.
There is, however, a scientific explanation for this. In humans, oxygen is bound to an iron-containing molecule that gives our blood the red color. In spiders, the molecule to which the oxygen is bound contains copper, which gives the blue color of the blood.