11 amazing fact about Chihuahuas

Chihuahua has been around for a long time and we are hearing a lot of time! It is recognized as one of the oldest breeds of surviving dogs and would be native to Mexico about 2000 years ago. Since then, this small living breed continues to be a loving companion and shows its popularity. Because we love our two puppies Chihuahua, we think to create a blog with interesting information about them!

  1. Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world.
    Usually, they weigh between two and six pounds. So, if you are looking for a portable boyfriend to take you anywhere, this dog could be a good friend to you!
  2. These are small genes.
    As for your body, the Chihuahua has the largest brain in the dog world. They are smart and easy to train. However, they are not easy to break because of a small bubble and an individual personality. Like desert dogs, they are not particularly interested in rain or cold.
  3. their great personalities exceed their dimensions.
    In reality, these animated balls can be aggressive. It is recommended that chi owners be sociable, like puppies (as well as all dog breeds), so that they can learn to put their best legs forward when making new friends.
  4. Do not mess with the Chihuahua.
    It’s tiny, so they make up for it with violence. One study found that puppies are one of the most aggressive breeds of humans and dogs outside of their own breed. To counter this, homeowners must contact other people and dogs.
  5. There are two different types of Chihuahuas.
    It depends on the shape of their heads. The deer-headed chihuahuas have a narrower head and a longer snout. Apples have round heads and a shorter snout. However, they are still extremely cute!
  6. There is a deer head and a chihuahua apple head.
    At a certain stage of its genetic development, the breed has been divided into two variants: the apple head and the deer head.
    The head of a Chihuahua apple is, of course, the apple skull.
    It is also characterized by more prominent and narrower eyes, as well as shorter ears and legs.
    The deer head Chihuahua has facial features that look like a young deer.
    A muzzle and longer ears, flat heads, large eyes, and long legs are other features of Veado Chihuahua’s Cabildo.
    Only Chihuahuas with an apple head meet the standards of the breed and can be shown.
  7. Chihuahua is the condiment of life. Talk about diversity!
    The coat of this breed is available in different versions. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), there are nine colors and six types of brands. They can also be long or short. He seems to choose a chihuahua as if he were shopping in a shop.
  8. So keep them warm.
    This puppy the size of a peanut was not raised for Arctic temperatures. If you live in a cold climate, make sure your Chi has extra layers for the Pulloverwetter. A game on the snow is good for the puppies they love, as long as they are supervised and do not stay outside.
  9. Christopher Columbus may have had one!
    Experts say that Chihuahua comes from Mexico, but their arrival in Europe is still under debate. Some people think that Christopher Columbus may have had something to do with it because he has already written a letter to the King of Spain mentioning the Chihuahuas. Value more than gold? We believe it!
  10. Chihuahua life expectancy is high in dogs.
    Are you a person with a long-term relationship? This dog has a long life expectancy, which means that the association with the chi can last between 15 and 17 years (or more!).
  11. A wild group conquered a city in Arizona in 2014
    A wild group of Chihuahua wandered in 2014, suing the people of Maryvale, Arizona, chasing children and throwing them where they wanted. With the big dogs, they terrorized the villagers.